Free TotalVirus Scanner for Windows


The internet is full of millions of very useful free tools that is provided without any price, but some of these free tools are full of Trojans and viruses and it is known for some antivirus’s but others don’t recognize them, personally when i download any tool from the internet I check it online against all the antivirus’s programs using, but as i do that very often and at least for me it is not practical to when i download a tool to open the browser and to go to this site and upload the file  to check it, I have developed a new tool that do that on the fly automatically and give you the final report! so there is no time consuming steps. I have called the tool “TotalVirus Scanner ” and it is a portable tool

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Facebook Online Likes Scraper

Facebook likes scraper

Hello Planet Earth!

Again with another new tool, This time an online tool to scrape who liked a post! this tool will make you able to scrape any Facebook page likes and fans by scraping the likes on its posts.

It will make you able to get targeted audience by scraping Facebook users within a specific niche. lets say you need Facebook users who are interested in nursing, so you you provide the tool with a post which talks about nursing and the tool will scrape all the users who liked this post!

the tool will provide the following in CSV  format:

  • Name
  • Facebook Email
  • ID
  • Profile URL

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Android Universal Social Media Downloader USMD


Update: We have removed our application from Google Store due to users bad-usage

A new post with a new category “Android Applications”, this is my first android application for today it is called Universal Social Media Downloader USMD, as the proverb says “Necessity is the mother of invention” I was in a real need to an application that can make me able to download any social media video from the same place So I decided to code this application and make it a free one with no ads, so anyone can use with ease and with no  hassle!

The application can download any video or media from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram directly to your android  device. Continue reading

How to get the html of URL in android studio using Ion library


While developing an application using android studio I have faced a problem of downloading the HTML of a URL, I were using HTTP client but  faced a problem that i can’t use this method in main thread so i needed to do it asynchronously in which I have to manage the thread with my code with all the exceptions expected. I were in real need to find a good java library to manage all of the that and i found a good java library called “Ion” that make me able to download the HTML of any URL and many other useful functions like viewing an image inside imageView by providing only the URL of the image which is cool. now lets move the coding part and how it does work! Continue reading

Take a snapshot of any tweet on twitter without any tool

tweet capture

Again with a new idea and with a new tool, this time is for twitter, I have been working for a week for developing a good tool for taking screenshot or a snapshot of any tweet on twitter, what you need to accomplish that? very easy you just need the URL of the tweet or status update then with one click and with no tools you will have a snapshot of that status! Continue reading

Watch free nilesat arabic IPTV channels


We have developed a new tool for watching FREE Nilesat FTA IPTV channels like aljazeera, mbc..etc, at the moment this tool contains 43 channels and growing, and we will update it continuously, This tool is using public IPTV channels which means that we don’t have a server for mirroring nor re-diffusing it we just gathered them all on one place for easily accessing and switching between them. Continue reading

Get Renault & Philips Car Radio Stereo Code for Free


Many of us have encountered the annoying problem of car code after disconnecting the car battery, in which the car radio will not turn on normally and just asking for code. with this new free service from our site we will provide car code for Philips & Renault radios free of charge. All you have to do is to provide the tool with the serial number of the radio or the security number and the tool will give you the right code to use for it.

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CrowdInspect The Best Tool To Scan Your Running Process Over VirusTotal, WOT


While surfing over the internet looking for a new tool for checking my PC running process, I found a great Free tool  called CrowdInspect that is able to check my running process and startup programs and items, in addition to multiple functions that I never thought about, so lets check it here in some details.

The tool is a simple one file application which means it’s portable application that you can you can save it to your flash drive and run it on any Windows PC, one launching the tool this how it looks like. Continue reading

Free Facebook News feed Checker and Notifier

facebook feed

How many times you check your Facebook new feed for reading new stories or just looking for fresh new, personally i do that hundreds of time every day :), but unfortunately Facebook don’t show on the news feed every new post made by the pages we like which is in my opinion a bad practice because what is the benefit of liking a page without been notified of any new posts on it. so i have been obliged to find a way  to solve this problem, and I decided to write a program that check all of the new posts on all the pages I liked automatically and notify me with a beep if a any of my liked pages has a new post and it will act as a RSS reader for Facebook but in real time. in fact I’m using this program for more than a month as a personal use, but today i have decided to share it with community for free as usual. Continue reading