Instructables PDF Downloader

Instructables pdf downloader

Like millions who visit the famous, which contains millions of very useful tutorials in all aspects of life (electronics, how to, hints…etc) the site can show you all the steps of any project freely but keeping the pdf version of any project as a feature for pro members which means simply that we have to pay in order to get the PDF version of any project. now with our new tool Instructable Downloader we crawl all the project steps from the source with all of its large images then we clean all of its HTML data then it will give you a clean page that contains all the project data with its own images without any overlapping, then by the use of any PDF extension like(Print pages to PDF for Firefox or Print friendly & PDF for Chrome) you can export that page very neatly as pdf file without paying and totally legal!

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Online issuu pdf downloader


Issuu is a great site where you can find a huge number of books and magazines online, the problem which I have faced that there is no way that you can download the images of the book or save a copy of the pdf file on your computer or on your smart phone so I have decided to program a small script that can do that job for me and to share it with the community. what you need to do is to provide the complete url of that book/magazine and it will download all the pages of it directly on your browser as images then by using any pdf plugin on your browser you can save the result as a pdf file from that page. that’s all. Continue reading