CrowdInspect The Best Tool To Scan Your Running Process Over VirusTotal, WOT


While surfing over the internet looking for a new tool for checking my PC running process, I found a great Free tool  called CrowdInspect that is able to check my running process and startup programs and items, in addition to multiple functions that I never thought about, so lets check it here in some details.

The tool is a simple one file application which means it’s portable application that you can you can save it to your flash drive and run it on any Windows PC, one launching the tool this how it looks like.


and as you can see from the picture it shows a list of all running applications with many details for each of application like Inject, VT(stands for Virus Total), MHR, WOT, and many other useful details, the great thing in this application it will keep checking the running applications in real-time which means that the user don’t have to click a button to check any running application it will just keep checking in a loop.

The following picture  is a legend for the question mark and other characters and their meanings that used in the application.

crowdinspect legend

In addition you can close the TCP connection of any process by selecting the process the right click on it and click “close TCP connection”. Now what make this tool distinct and unique is the VT (virus total) option it is very useful when you have a suspicious process that you have no idea about it you can just right click it and chose “view VT test results”  then a popup window will appear with the provided test on the fly like the following.

crowdinspect VT

Personally I was using the well known tool called procexp, but now I think it is the time to use this new tool maybe as a replacement or an alternative. and as this it was a really helping for me I thought to share it with my fellow followers and readers.

Download CrowdInspect

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