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How many times you check your Facebook new feed for reading new stories or just looking for fresh new, personally i do that hundreds of time every day :), but unfortunately Facebook don’t show on the news feed every new post made by the pages we like which is in my opinion a bad practice because what is the benefit of liking a page without been notified of any new posts on it. so i have been obliged to find a way  to solve this problem, and I decided to write a program that check all of the new posts on all the pages I liked automatically and notify me with a beep if a any of my liked pages has a new post and it will act as a RSS reader for Facebook but in real time. in fact I’m using this program for more than a month as a personal use, but today i have decided to share it with community for free as usual.

How Does it Works:

First of all you have to log-in inside your Facebook using the “Browser” windows that pop up when you run the program, and once you are logged in you have to click on Check news on the main application window, then the program will extract automatically all the pages you have liked from Facebook and will check all the already posted news and will consider them as old news which means it will not notify you with any new posts, once it finishes scraping all the posts from all the liked pages, it will continue scraping them from beginning and when it find a new post it will notify you with a beep and it will show you the post as it appears on Facebook  like the following screenshot:

facebook feed

On double clicking the Facebook page title, it will take you directly to this post on your default browser, while double clicking the post text or picture, it will take you directly to the link included within the post itself.


Before you run this tool for the first time please consider doing the following necessary steps as the application uses Facebook graph explorer API to work:

1- navigate to Facebook using your favorite browser.

2- Navigate to Graph API Explorer which is a part of Facebook developers tool using this link.

3- You will found yourself in a page like the following screenshot

facebook api explorer4- Click Get Token then choose Get Access Token, a new window will pop up asking you to choose the permission needed, choose user likes then click on Get Access Token. This process is needed for program because after that it will recognize all the pages that you liked automatically in order to check them one by one.

facebook permissions




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