Free TotalVirus Scanner for Windows


The internet is full of millions of very useful free tools that is provided without any price, but some of these free tools are full of Trojans and viruses and it is known for some antivirus’s but others don’t recognize them, personally when i download any tool from the internet I check it online against all the antivirus’s programs using, but as i do that very often and at least for me it is not practical to when i download a tool to open the browser and to go to this site and upload the file  to check it, I have developed a new tool that do that on the fly automatically and give you the final report! so there is no time consuming steps. I have called the tool “TotalVirus Scanner ” and it is a portable tool

How to use the Tool:

After downloading the tool, you have to open it once to add a context menu to windows explorer and to register its location, so when you want to check any file all you have to do is to right click the file and  chose “Scan me with VirusTotal” like the image below:

Totalvirusscanner1Note: in case you change the directory of the tool, all you have to need to do is to run it directly from this folder and it will register its new location  again in windows registry.


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