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Many of us have encountered the annoying problem of car code after disconnecting the car battery, in which the car radio will not turn on normally and just asking for code. with this new free service from our site we will provide car code for Philips & Renault radios free of charge. All you have to do is to provide the tool with the serial number of the radio or the security number and the tool will give you the right code to use for it.

How to find the Serial number / security number

First of all you you have to turn off the car and disconnect the battery to avoid any negative discharge, Then you have to remove your auto-radio from its place to read some labels stuck behind it usingĀ  a car radio stereo removal tool like the image below.

car stereo removal toolwhen you completely remove the car stereo you will find a label stuck behind it like the picture below

image-15x6We only need the serial number or the security code, from the image above you will notice that there are many numbers and all of them are different from each other, So how we can distinguish the serial number from all of them, The serial number is mostly 15 digits and always alpha-numeric which means it contains numbers and letters, and the last 4 digits of it must start with a letter followed by 3 numbers. in our example the last four digits in the serial number is Q647

the security number is always shorter than the serial number and like the serial number it is alpha-numeric and the last four digits starts with a letter and followed by three numbersĀ  and it is always identical to the last 4 digits of the serial number.

after knowing one of them (serial number/ security number) then it is the time for our tool to guess the serial number. and that’s it.

To use our tool kindly click the link below

Philips and Renault auto radio stereo code Free


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