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Issuu is a great site where you can find a huge number of books and magazines online, the problem which I have faced that there is no way that you can download the images of the book or save a copy of the pdf file on your computer or on your smart phone so I have decided to program a small script that can do that job for me and to share it with the community. what you need to do is to provide the complete url of that book/magazine and it will download all the pages of it directly on your browser as images then by using any pdf plugin on your browser you can save the result as a pdf file from that page. that’s all.

You can find that tool at this link issuu pdf downloader.


  • Sir your instructables pdf downloader not working and gives error below:
    Warning: file_get_contents(****): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in *******.php on line 99
    the previous converter which only clean unnecessary html data was useful plz restore this option if possible. thanx

    • Hello ALI,
      The freehtmltopdf is optional you can use old way to print the page normally using the firefox or chrome extension, in addition you have received the error because you supply issuu url instead of instructables url.
      Best regards

    • Hello Valentijn, Thanks for visiting mt blog, you can get a pdf of any publication you want, when you submit a link to download it will take you to a page contains all the thumbnails of the book, and the end of this page you can find a button “print and download as pdf” when you click this button it will open all the images in one page so you can print it as a pdf file using any virtual pdf printer!
      Have a nice day.

  • Hi,

    Several URL tested.

    I paste URL, I click “Download”, all pages are displayed.
    I click “Print and Download as PDF”, last page is missing on screen and in print?

    By printing with Firefox, there is a left, right and top margin?
    Because of top margin, images are shifted down of one or two pixels, so they are printed on two pages each?


    • Hi Reglis,
      In fact we know about this issue, and we are trying to find a workaround to solve it, it is not because the margins thing but our tool deals with many publications that differs in their pages width and height, Finally we are going to make a new windows tool (tiny software) to print out any publication from any of our tools and convert them cleanly to PDF.

      • Hi Abu,
        Thanks for these news.
        I bypassed the problem. I paste URL, I click “Download” and I click “Save As (Web Page)”.
        Then I print all images, without margin, with PDF printer.

  • Excellent tools Issuu and Calameo download publications… You can create this in a Telegram bot?
    Telegram bot only need image url for image preview

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